This is your home now

This is your home now (2010)

A 2’40″ opera with video animation by Dimitris Fotiou and text by Maria Tranou. Soprano, Katrina Mena. Piano, Juan Carlos Espinosa. The piece was born out of a conversation between Fotiou and Espinosa at an artists’ residency program in the Drenthe province of the Netherlands in 2009. The collaborative process took place mostly over Skype, with Tranou joining the process later with her stunning text about a nomadic alien civilization looking for a home somewhere in space.  The entire story was condensed into just under three minutes.

The work was presented at the Berlin-Athina, New Media Art Exhibition, Science & Society Centre (CAID) in Athens, Greece, April 29 – May 29, 2010.

Dimitris Fotiou Website




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