Mal de horror

Mal de horror (2010)

This is a trailer for the short film, ‘Mal de horror (Horror Sickness)’, a meditation on texts from the 19th century novel ‘Les Chants de Maldoror’ written by the Comte de Lautreamont, the pseudonym of Isidore Lucien Ducasse and cited by many surrealist masters, including Dali, Bunuel and Jean Cocteau, as their main source of inspiration and as the most important experimental work of the 19th century. In an era where video technologies are widely available and constantly expose and even invade our privacy, has the responsibility of the maker to its subject(s) changed; “Mal de horror” draws parallels on the power of art to move the human spirit and on the dichotomy in the repercussions of such power. The film premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North
Miami, 2010. Original music by Juan Carlos Espinosa, Nicholas Johnson, actor.


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