Juan Carlos Espinosa is a composer, sound artist, and educator who has written over 75 solo, chamber, choral and electro-acoustic pieces.   The Miami-based composer’s work is informed by his concerns about the environment and the withering of human and cultural memory. Espinosa is also interested in the creative energies that can come from collaboration with other artists. He has been working with visual artist/partner Xavier Cortada since 2005 creating  soundscapes, installations, and scores for Cortada’s video work.  The two also created work (jointly and separately) at residencies in Antarctica (McMurdo Station and the South Pole), in the Netherlands, and most recently, in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Espinosa enjoys working with choreographers. Espinosa worked with Heather Maloney on an evening length work titled Vertical Sprawl in 2011. The composer has also worked with dance-theater artist Octavio Campos and with NEA award winning choreographer Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros. Espinosa has scored almost a dozen films, most recently for Mal de horror, a short by filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar. Espinosa is currently working on a new piece with Heather Maloney titled Unquiet: Body scheduled to premiere at the Florida Dance Festival in April 2013 and a chamber work commissioned by Alyssa Mena for flute, mezzosoprano, violin, and cello inspired by the poetry of Wallace Stevens. Espinosa is Associate Dean & Fellow at the Honors College at Florida International University in Miami.


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