The Pig Show

Octavio Campos: The Pig Show (2011)

Text, Choreography & Performance: Octavio Campos
Original Music: Juan Carlos Espinosa
Music: Gershwin, Spolinski, Mr. Rogers, Celia Cruz, DJ Muller, a.o…
Costumes: Slick It Up

The Pig Show is a subversive cabaret performance with song, dance and storytelling.

The Pig Story in Melbourne

The Pig Story in Melbourne

It is also a celebration of Freedom, through the eyes of a Gay Pig stuck in a twisted story of the 50th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion. This interactive socio-political work looks at religion, GLBTQ issues and Cuban culture all blended together with humor and social experiments. The audience will be invited to participate and along the way offered staples of Cuban life such as Cuban coffee and plantain chips.

The piece premiered at the Fringe Festival in Melbourne, Australia, in September 2011.

Octavio Campos

Octavio Campos


Hamming it up

Australian Stage


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