The year, so far

Although this year was not as productive as previous ones, a number of significant projects were either completed or premiered. The most important achievement was the premiere of Vertical Sprawl, a full-evening work created in collaboration with choreographer Heather Maloney. Also premiered this year was This is your home now. The piece has been described as a two-minute forty-second opera and features the 3-D animation of Athens-based artist Dimitris Fotiou, a text by poet Maria Tranou and the voice of Katrina Mena. Espinosa worked with Juan Carlos Zaldivar providing the score for his short film Mal de Horror and with Xavier Cortada on two of his 2010 installations, Ancestral Journeys and 90-N, 90-S. He also completed a piece for piano begun in 1982 and recently rediscovered in a box of old photographs. The finished piece is dedicated to Cuban-Colombian pianist Heliana Portes. Throughout the year, Espinosa continued a series of electroacoustic works inspired by endangered and extinct languages and began on a chamber work inspired by the work of American poet Wallace Stevens.

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